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Derp DAO

Multi-sig signors and foundation

What is Derp DAO?

Derp DAO is a manifestation of the DerpDEX community's meme movements to be more decentralised, open and transparent. The organization is composed of all DERP tokenholders, xDERP stakers, community members and ecosystem partners and stakeholders.
A more decentralised token will attract more users, communities and provide stronger value support for network effect and token value on the DerpDEX.

What is Foundation?

The purpose of the Foundation is to plan the overall direction, strategy and day-to-day execution of the DerpDEX accordingly while Derp DAO enables discussions, proposals and voting for the overall direction for DerpDEX.
The foundation will ensure the continuous development, operations, marketing & PR, community engagement etc, and will slowly transition to a collaborative decentralised model within the next 2-3 years after TGE.

Derp DAO framework

13 members in Derp DAO. Multi-sig approval will be 7 out of 13.
  • 5 Core team and advisor
  • 4 Community members (doxxed and active users)
  • 4 top xDERP stakers