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Launch Your Own Meme-token with DerpDEX

Want to launch your own meme-token at the best and most meme-able DEX? DerpDEX.com is a fully decentralized DEX on the zkSync network and here to help you!

DerpDEX is here to support your meme-token launch:

  1. No listing fees. Just create your own meme-token and launch in DerpDEX.com.

  2. Help you to promote your meme-token on our social media channels

* 50,000 Twitter followers and 40,000 users on Discord.

  1. Weekly campaigns to encourage trading on your meme-token.

* Top 30 traders leaderboard and Top 10 loserboard

What’s the benefit for launching your meme-token on DerpDEX and zkSync network?

  1. zkSync surpasses more than $500m in TVL and DerpDEX weekly trading volume more than $100,000.

  2. zkSync is a L2 network with 90% cheaper gas fees than Ethereum and no MEV-bot sandwich attack.

  3. Potential zkSync airdrop and DerpDEX airdrop for traders and speculators

  4. Potential coverage from zkSync’s shilling network; ie. zkSync_fans

  5. New pool listing and trending tokens on GeckoTerminal, Dextools, DeFiLlama etc

What do KOL/Influencers say?

Crypto_Gideon: https://twitter.com/CryptoGideon_/status/1687067033459105792?s=20

The_Smart_Ape: https://twitter.com/the_smart_ape/status/1688203431159160832?s=20

Successful case study: zkDerpina Twitter | Website

Incubated by DerpDEX as the 1st meme-token launched on 24 July 2023.

⭐ Token price went up 22x within 3 hours after launch.

⭐ 0 token dump as there are no insiders, no team token, no VC allocation

⭐ It is just initial buyers taking small profits.

⭐ Token prices are healthily trading around 10-15x of opening price.

⭐ Contract is renounced and liquidity is locked for 3 months.

Support from DerpDEX

We just kick-off the 69-day Genesis Launch in DerpDEX with a whooping value of $650,000 worth of $DERP airdrop allocated

Genesis Mining

Performing new projects will be added to the genesis pool to enjoy additional mining benefits and boost the trading volume!

Talk to the team and pitch your meme project idea now !

Email us at hello@derpdex.com / Create a ticket on Discord/ DM us on Twitter

About DerpDEX DerpDEX.com is a UniV3 fork, audited by MetatrustLabs and backed by DWF Labs. DerpDEX combines the best of web3: the perfect blend of “DeFi + memes + NFTs” powering the meme movement on L2 zkSync network.

Trade, earn, stake, and launch crypto with the most ̶a̶u̶t̶i̶s̶t̶i̶c̶ best DEX on the internet.

Official links: https://link3.to/derpdex_com

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