Staked DERP token for additional benefits on DerpDEX platform

What is xDERP token?

xDERP is DerpDEX escrowed token. xDERP is a non-transferable escrowed governance token, corresponding to staked DERP. The main use case for xDERP is the ability to allocate it protocol earnings, whitelist for launchpad allocations and access to premium features in DerpDEX platform.

Benefits for xDERP stakers

xDERP are incentivized for long term protocol success.

🌟 Enjoy protocol staking benefits from protocol earnings and usage.

🌟 Access to voting using snapshot; ie. yield booster APR% allocation

🌟 Premium benefits for the protocol (more information below).

What premium benefits for xDERP stakers?

DerpDEX aims to become the leading all-in-1 meme-DEX ecosystem on zkSync, Base & opBNB and the most memeable DEX, ever! Make derp great again!

  • Whitelist allocation for Initial Derp Offering (IDO) launchpad,

  • Snapshot voting for yield booster farming APR% allocation,

  • Protocol earnings distribution for xDERP (coming soon),

  • Sneak-peak into beta-launch products; ie. meme-bot signals with AI (coming soon),

  • â€Ķ and more.

xDERP token addresses

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