DERP token is a meme token with utility and deflationary token model. Creating use-case for $DERP token.

What is DERP token?

DERP is the native token of DerpDEX.com on zkSync, Base and opBNB. DERP is used as a utility token within DerpDEX network and ecosystem such as paying for gas fees in DerpDEX and staking for xDERP with additional benefits within DERP ecosystem.

Ticker: DERP

Max supply: 100,000,000,000,000 DERP (100 trillion DERP)

DERP Token Utility

DERP token is a meme-token with a utility and plays a key role in decentralising the network, incentivising all stakeholders to participate in the network, and most importantly, a lighthearted fun token for the web3 communities.

DerpDEXโ€™s xDERP mechanics reflect a combination of two DeFi concepts:

  • Staked token - first introduced by xGRAIL to strengthen incentives for token holders

  • Staking privileges - Enable on-chain voting, whitelist for launchpad allocation, premium features and more.

Combined, both mechanisms reward behaviours correlated with DerpDEX's success. Make derp great again!

DERP Token Addresses

Official DERP Pool Addresses

Liquidity Pool Lock Addresses

The LP remains securely ensconced in a year-long embrace of time.

Token Ownership Renouncement

Multi-chain bridge

  1. XY Finance: Coming Soon

  2. <more to come>

DERP mint and burn transaction history

Why DERP token has mint and burn functions?

Because DerpDEX supports several chains, it employed the mint and burn model for DERP tokens on various chains to guarantee that the DERP token supply is correctly minted on various networks.

The DerpDEX team has logged every transaction and made them available via the link below in order to promote transparency regarding DERP mint and burn transactions:


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