Bridges play a crucial role in enabling interoperability and seamless token transfers between different blockchain networks. A bridge acts as a connection or link that facilitates the transfer of tokens or assets from one blockchain to another.

We are using native bridge that is a built-in smart contract on zkSync. Bridging is a two way contract deployed on both L1 and L2 using L1-L2 interoperability. This allows multi-layer communication between the chains and allows user to build custom bridges. These bridges leverage smart contracts and decentralised protocols to facilitate the transfer of tokens between different blockchains without relying on centralised authorities or intermediaries. It ensures transparency, security, and trustlessness in the token transfer process, allowing users to maintain control over their assets and reducing the risk of censorship or manipulation.

Bridging on zkSync era have two options, deposit and withdraw. Deposit refers to bridging tokens from L1 (Ethereum) to L2 (zkSync era) whereas Withdraw is bridging tokens from L2 to L1.

DerpDEX have also integrate the ZkSync native bridge on our protocol to swap tokens from L1 (Ethereum) to L2 (zkSync), the bridge allows the user to simply deposit or withdraw the token from one chain to other. You can check out the bridge below.


To bridge tokens from Ethereum (L1) to ZkSync Era (L2) on DerpDEX, follow these steps:

  1. Select the token you wish to deposit from Ethereum to ZkSync Era. Ensure that the token is supported on our platform.

  2. Initiate the deposit process and confirm the transaction details.

  3. The deposit will be processed and completed within approximately 15 minutes. During this time, the tokens will be held securely in the custodial wallet or contract.


To bridge tokens from ZkSync Era (L2) back to Ethereum (L1) on DerpDEX, follow these steps:

  1. Choose the token you want to withdraw from ZkSync Era to Ethereum. Please note that the withdrawal process varies depending on the token type.

  2. Initiate the withdrawal process and provide the necessary details.

  3. If the token is supported by ZkSync Era's official bridge, the withdrawal will be processed automatically, and the tokens will be released on Ethereum. However, if the token is not supported by ZkSync Era's official bridge, additional steps are required. *

  4. For custom tokens that are not supported by ZkSync Era's official bridge, you will need to claim the tokens on our platform by switching to Ethereum. This allows you to receive the funds in your Ethereum wallet.

  5. Once the withdrawal process is initiated, it may take up to 24 hours for the transaction to be completed. During this time, the tokens will be in the process of being transferred back to Ethereum.

* We can help token/project owners to add tokens on our bridge to have further collaboration and partnership. Feel free to get in touch at hello@derpdex.com.

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