Genesis Pools

What is Genesis Pool ?

The goal of a genesis pool is to incentivise early liquidity providers and traders to start trading the new token on the DEX. This can help kick-start the token's market and encourage others to participate in the trading and help improve user experience for DerpDEX. Also, Genesis Pools will help in maintaining the Total Value Locked (TVL) of the liquidity, which helps in stabilising the platform's liquidity and providing better reward for the liquidity providers.

It will enables liquidity providers (LPs) to participate in yield farming by providing liquidity. These pools are designed to enhance liquidity and incentivise users to contribute assets to the platform. Liquidity Providers can deposit their funds at any price range but Full Range is preferred if not managing the liquidity actively.

Currently the users can participate in Genesis Pools by depositing liquidity using flexible deposit.

  1. It will allow users to deposit and withdraw liquidity anytime.

  2. Users are free to withdraw their liquidity positions anytime but the reward calculation will be based on how long the liquidity is provided.

  3. The airdrop for flexible deposits will depend on the how long the liquidity is provided in the range. Liquidity with full ranges have more chances of getting airdrop as they allow other users to get better swap price

During Genesis Minting, a percentage of the pool's rewards is distributed as an airdrop to the LPs. Rewards will be provided in DerpDEX native token - $DERP and $xDERP.

To learn more about the rewards, please check at Rewards page.

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