Zap-to-Earn can help user to add liquidity to the pool with just single token in one transaction. With Zap-to-Earn, DerpDEX automatically swap 50% of the token supplied by user to any of the selected token pair. Below are the steps to add liquidity using Zap-to-Earn.

  1. Select the token that you want to provide and the token pair on which you want to provide liquidity.

  1. Select the LP pair from the provided list to which you want to zap. DerpDEX will automatically convert input token to liquidity pair tokens in equal percentage and provide the liquidity to the pool. The liquidity will be set to Full Range for this.

  1. Input the amount and then click on Zap button below.

  1. Verify your amount of input token and the LP pair and click on Confirm Zap to continue. Your wallet will popup to confirm the transaction after this.

  1. Confirm the transaction on wallet and liquidity will be added to DerpDEX.

This way the user can add liquidity to the pool with just one asset in their wallet. Using Zap-to-Earn, user can provide liquidity to different pools with just single asset. This allows user to save gas fee of multiple swaps as DerpDEX automatically do this at smart contract level.

Notes: Please see here to learn more about the terms and how the projected earnings and rewards are calculated.

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