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Roadmap & Launch Plan

Q4 2023 Roadmap and 2024 Roadmap
🎢 Buckle up as the upcoming days will be a wild ride. We are taking the remaining of Q4 and 2024 to the next level! Here’s a sneak peek at what’s coming. 😛 2023 ROADMAP
😛 Mainnet Beta Release - Concentrated Liquidity AMM Bridge; - Ethereum <> zkSync 1-inch aggregator integration 😋 Genesis Mining Launch - The Genesis Mining Launch is the liquidity provider playground for early adopters, we cooked up these pools to kickstart the liquidity, 6.5% airdrop is allocated. 😉 Token Launch / TGE (Q4) - $DERP successfully listed on Gate, MEXC, Uniswap and DerpDEX. Find more info from CoinGecko! 😙 Loyalty Program (Launched!) - Trade on DerpDEX to earn $DERP. The loyalty program is here to spice up the trading game like never before, get ready to reap the rewards and unlock exclusive privileges.

😛 More to come for 2023!

  • Yield Booster
  • Staking
  • Launchpad
🤩 2024 DERP ROADMAP (SNEAK PEEK!👀) Make sure you stay tuned for more because things are just getting better in DerpDEX! 🔥 The derps will surely take over 2024 👀