To do any transaction on zkSync or Base chain, you will need to have ETH and other tokens on the zkSync or Base. As zkSync and Base are Layer 2 network, we can bring tokens from layer 1 chain to layer 2(that means - from Ethereum to zkSync/Base chain). Both zkSync and base have it's own bridge which can be used for bridging tokens between L1 ↔ïļ L2.

If you have ETH on Ethereum Mainnet, you can use DerpDEX's own bridge to bridge tokens from L1(Ethereum) to L2(zkSync/base). The bridge allows the user to simply deposit or withdraw the token from one chain to other. Bridging have two parts - Deposit and Withdraw. Deposit refers to the bridging of ETH from Ethereum network to L2 and Withdrawing is bridging ETH from L2 to Etherem network.

To scale up, DerpDEX supported opBNB network to interact with the protocol. In this case, user is required to have BNB on BNB Smart chain to bridge token to opBNB (BNB Smart chain Layer 2 Optimistic Rollup). Similarly, to ensure cross-chain compatibility, you may Deposit any supported token (BNB - L1) to (opBNB - L2) or Withdraw from (opBNB - L2) to (BNB - L1).

Click on the below link to access the DerpDEX bridge and connect your wallet.

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