DERP Token Bridge

This bridge function now supports DERP tokens, which are our DerpDEX native tokens (DERP). This allows users to bridge across four chains:

  1. Ethereum

  2. ZkSync Era

  3. opBNB

  4. Base

DERP Token Bridge Smart Contracts

How to bridge?

  1. Firstly, go to Connect to the network you want to bridge from. Then, choose which token and network chain you wish to bridge to.

  1. Enter the token amount based on your token balance. Then click the bridge button.

  1. Approve and confirm the transactions.

  1. It will display the pending claim transactions after they are completed. Your token will be sent to the bridge contract, and is now being verified by the blockchain.

  1. Once the transaction is verified, the Claim button will appear. It will switch to the target network and allow the user to claim the bridging token.

Make sure you have enough native tokens (E.g. ETH or BNB) on the destination chains to pay the gas fees for claiming your bridged tokens.

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