For swapping, the user can head over to the below page.

Below are the steps to swap token, we will be swapping some amount of WBTC for USDC.

  1. Head to the swap page and select the token you want to Swap.

  2. Input the amount of the token you want to swap in the input box. If you wish, you can adjust the network slippage from the setting button provided in the top left corner on the swap menu. If not, it will be set to Auto and provide the best rates. Click on Swap button to continue.

  3. Review your swap and click on Confirm Swap to continue.

  4. If you are using the token for the first time, a spending cap transaction needs to be signed by the user.

  5. Now the Swap transaction needs to be signed and Transaction needs to be confirmed.

  6. Once transaction is confirmed, Success page will be shown on the DEX.

Once complete, you can view the transaction on the explorer too by clicking on the View on Explorer on the Success page.

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