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DerpDEX uses XY Finance for price aggregation which provides cost efficient swaps and checks from multiple liquidity sources. This allows DerpDEX to find the best trade for the swap and determine what would be the slippage based on the current liquidity.
We replaced 1inch aggregator with XY Finance because they offer additional liquidity sources for various token assets and support more blockchains. We decided to integrate XY Finance as our aggregator partner because they aggregated multiple DEX aggregators, including 1inch. This helps our users to gain more exposure to different liquidity sources.
Key features of DerpDEX aggregator:
  • Best Rate Calculation: The XY Finance aggregator computes the rates offered by different liquidity sources and selects the most competitive one, ensuring users get the best possible rates for their swaps.
  • Optimal Route Finding: By evaluating liquidity pools and order books across multiple DEXs, the aggregator identifies the most efficient route for token swaps, minimizing slippage and maximizing the amount of tokens received.
  • Gas Cost Optimization: The XY Finance aggregator considers gas fees on different networks and smartly routes trades to minimize transaction costs, saving users money on each swap.
  • Trade Execution: Once the best route is determined, the aggregator executes the trade swiftly, providing a seamless user experience and reducing the time required for token swaps.